What Are You Believing In?


I watched the movie Trolls with my girls when it opened in the cinemas, my husband and I wasn’t expecting much from this movie. It turns out to be a great movie, we adults enjoyed it as much as our girls did.

All of us have something called belief system. Belief systems are the stories we tell ourselves to define our personal sense of Reality. You see the actions which we take is usually based on a belief system which we already have and it is usually formed through what others tell us and through our own experiences.

You see in the movie, the trolls are a bunch of small happy creatures who loves to sing and dance and also hug all day long and there is another large creature called bergen who has never felt happy before and discovered that they can feel happy for a moment if they were to eat a troll. The bergens  “believed” that they can feel happy when they eat a troll but in actual fact as mentioned in the movie that “Happiness is inside all of us, sometimes you just need someone to help you find it” and when this was made known to the bergens, they realized that they didn’t need to eat a troll to be happy.

I strongly recommend you to watch the movie with your family. Now that I have kids, I watch movie in a different light, not just for entertainment but looking out for lessons which we can extract from the story and also the characters.

We need to examine our beliefs from time to time to check if what we are believing in is the truth or a lie and when we discover that what we have been believing in is a lie, we HAVE to replace that lie with the TRUTH.

What are you believing in?

Truth Will Set You Free