What A Vacation! Part 2


Day 3 went by with us taking the soiled bed sheet, blanket (which we brought from home) and clothes and went driving around looking for dobi to do our laundry. We ended up on a self serve dobi and while doing the laundry, we had lunch. The good thing about self serve dobi is you get clean laundry in under an hour. After all is done, we headed back to the hotel. With Vicky still having fever, hubby went out to “tapau” dinner and we had some time to reflect what is going on. We are thankful that we have each other and we believe that we are facing spiritual warfare due to the reason we are attending a Christian Family Conference. At bedtime, Vanny’s body’s temperature seems higher than normal and I too felt uneasy as if I am falling sick myself. I quickly took some medication and went to bed. Midnight, ohh…so cold, confirm I’m down with fever as well. Even though I was wearing my jacket, I was literally freezing. I curled myself under the blanket and prayed, after a while, I felt heat at my neck (that is how I would feel when I’ve been touched by the Holy Spirit), slowly the heat from my neck began to heat the rest of my body. I felt loved. I felt the Lord is telling me that He is here with us and everything will be alright. The conference starts tomorrow for first time parents and it was our first time attending the conference.

Morning came, the fever remained and Vanny was having fever too. Hubby caught flu and cough and slight fever too…gonna be a long day….we remained in the hotel the whole day ordering in room dining while attended the conference for just a while. Vicky slept many times, guess her body’s recovering and Val has been cranky and she slept on most evenings. While hubby had to handle some business challenges, with a body aching from the fever it felt really challenging to care for kids, sometimes having to carry both Val and Vanny at the same time due to their crankiness. Now I really want to go home, it feels like the longest week in my life.

Come to 5th day, I have recovered from my fever and kids are recovering well, thank God. Hubby is still under the weather yet holding on and is determined to stay on as planned. All this while, I’m praying that hubby will stay healthy as he will have to conduct 2 days training on social media the day after we get back to KL. Today was more bearable, we attended one of the session of the Family Conference and that was it. Our girls made some friends, though it was brief, I do think they had fun.

More to come…