What A Vacation! Part 1


We made plans for this vacation while needing to attend a Family Conference in Malacca since September, made the necessary bookings in October. It is to be a 4 days conference and we decided to come 3 days earlier and stay an additional day after the conference then head back home, in total 8 days and 7 nights. We were looking forward to enjoy the vacation so what went wrong?

On the day we arrived, Valerie developed mild fever, unprepared for this situation we had to adapt and headed over to the pharmacy to purchase the necessary medication. It is stressful when kids fall sick and more so when a child has a history of seizure, as advised by her Dr to be cautious as having high fever can cause the seizure to occur. To add on that we are away from home.

Even though we had medication, we still need to find a way to keep her body temperature down. Thank God I managed to grab some handkerchief just before we left home but we didn’t have a water bucket that could be used to store water for sponging her body. I believe the solution was given to me by the Holy Spirit which was to use the diaper wipes container. God is good.

Second day came and all was under control until around bedtime, when I noticed that Vicky, seems to be shivering under the blanket. Oh no, she is also down with fever. It’s almost midnight and hubby decided to go out to buy a thermometer so we can monitor their temperature (we have an ear thermometer back at home). And while he was away, Valerie was sleeping and while tending to Vicky she threw up the chocolate milk she drank earlier together with some dinner on the mattress and blanket which we brought from home and which she shared with Valerie. Had to start cleaning up and just thank God that Vanessa was well behaved that night that she didn’t give me much challenges.

Half way through, hubby returned and sprang into action to help clean up the mattress and blanket. We didn’t consider sending it to the hotel laundry not because we couldn’t afford it, but we didn’t know how long it will take for them to clean it up and we need them them to sleep. At first hubby used the hair dryer to try to dry the blanket and bed sheet, it seems like we are not getting anywhere using it because it would stop working when it gets too hot. It was past midnight, we are exhausted and weary, wondering how we will get past the night and then he asked if there is an iron in the room “thank God there is one”. So he ironed his way through the blanket and bed sheet and by the time we were ready to crash, it was 3.00am.

To be continued……