What A Vacation! Final Part


Due to the exhaustion, we almost missed breakfast today (Friday – 6th day of our vacation/family conference), thank God we managed to still get the food before they start clearing and prepare for lunch. We dropped by the Family Conference and got more information on the syllabus and materials used to teach our kids. It was interested to meet these Moms and what methods they use to bring their children up. One of the participant which is a Facebook friend recognized me, had good sharing and networking with them and then off to our room. Hubby felt that we’ve gain much from the conference and since everyone is almost fully recovered, we went out and about Malacca. By night everyone went to bed fairly early and I spent some time with God reflecting on His goodness and faithfulness.

Come Saturday and this is the day when it is hubby’s turn to develop a fever. We went out to get the famous coconut shake recommended by my sister-in-law, I normally don’t drink coconut water but this taste pretty good and we are pretty excited to actually find a similar stall back in KL near our home. We stayed in the hotel for the rest of the afternoon for hubby to rest and went out again for dinner. Everyone slept early again tonight and I will be the backup driver if hubby is not fully recovered by the time we are due to go home. With everyone asleep, time for some “me” time and I spent it soaking in the bathtub, my way of de-stress and the only time I get to de-stress this way is when we stay in a hotel that has one.

Sunday, the day I’ve been waiting for…time to pack and go home…Hubby has recovered and so he drove home. At night, he told me that at one point of the journey, he was feeling tired and there was a car on the right lane which was quite close which he then felt warmth at his back and immediately he felt alert and the car on the right drove pass us. After the incident, he felt very alert until we reached home.

It was very challenging vacation and we learned a lot. We will be better prepared for our next vacation.