Parenting The Internet Generation


Parenting is one of the most rewarding calling one could ever wish for; it is also, undeniably, the most challenging for every parent. Gone were the days where parents could leave their children be and they’d still somehow turned out well and adjusted. These days, with the advancement in technology, parents seem to have more to worry about, and rightly so, too, as it is common to see children as young as toddler-age playing with tablets or watching cartoons on IPads.

These seemingly innocent acts harbor a host of concerns for parents to deal with, and one of such concerns is – pornography. With the convenience and easy availability of WIFI everywhere we go, children can gain access to the internet through common gadgets like home computer, laptop, tablets, IPad, smartphone, internet-enabled video gaming consoles like Wii and PS3, music players such as IPod, etc. So then, how do we protect and shield our children from the claws of temptation and danger?

Surveys have shown that:

  • 25% of teens have been exposed to porn online when they weren’t even looking for it.
  • In 2013 alone, 90% of boys and 70% of girls, ages 13 to 14, report accessing porn at least once.
  • 35% of boys report viewing porn online “too many times to count”.
  • 76% of first encounters with online predators happen in chat rooms.
  • 39% of teens have sent or posted sexually suggestive messages.

5 Hidden Dangers Facing You & Your Family Right now

These alarming statistics are on red alert calling out to parents to step up to the challenge and take appropriate measures to safeguard their children. Bridging the gap is Covenant Eyes, a filtering and accountability tool that sets out to help parents.

How Covenant Eyes Works?

Covenant Eyes is a reliable accountability and filtering software is not all about porn. It should intelligently analyze and track sexual content, crude humour, vulgarity, as well as violence; and have regular online activity reports to be sent out to the assigned accountability partners detailing and labelling Internet usage in order of maturity (highly mature, mature, mature teen, and teen). Covenant Eyes is all these and more.

The tool also charts the average Internet usage for each hour of the day by the respective user. This would easily allow for discussions between accountability partners to talk about their internet activities, without pointing fingers, helping everyone at home making wiser choices about their Internet use. This is especially useful for young children and teenagers who still need the protection from highly mature sites but would also benefit from conversations about wise choices in general, including the dangers of pornography and sexual predators in particular.

Protecting our children from the dangers of pornography starts from home. Sign up with Covenant Eyes (click here) today to receive tips, statistics, and the much needed support to keep your family safe and your online integrity intact.  You will also receive a special bonus through MomSpirer for the first 30 days absolutely FREE!