Why Do We Celebrate Easter?


Christians celebrate 2 main event every year, Christmas and Easter. Many people celebrate Christmas, even non-Christians join in the celebration of giving presents to their loved ones.

What about Easter? Why do Christians celebrate Easter? We celebrate Easter the Sunday after Good Friday. You see, on Good Friday, Jesus died on the cross to atone for our sins and on Sunday which is Easter Sunday, He rose from the dead and all those who believed in Him will one day be risen and be with Him for all eternity.

It is not something that is easy to teach our children. So we use curriculum like What’s In The Bible help us make it interesting and fun for our kids.

The Secret Of Being Wealthy


To become wealthy is to give of yourselves, and this does not mean to give all your money away until you forget to take care of your family. Many people get this wrong.

You see, some of us may not have money currently, but we have been given other things by God such as time, skills, knowledge, and other tangible or intangible resources.

If you give this away and bless others (without sacrificing time or money away from your family, which some may have made the mistake to ignore family and seek other things which is wrong), then you will be rewarded with wealth.

And again, wealth is a function of 2 things which is wisdom and connections/network/contacts.

When you give away your time, skills, knowledge, or anything you have at the right time at the right place to the right people that needs it, you will be blessed with new friends, and new ideas/wisdom as you share.

“Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything.” From the Bible – the Book of Proverbs Chapter 11 verse 24 (New Living Translation)

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God Bless you, family and your ventures.

I’m Going To Cheat Today!


You must be thinking who would announce to the world that she is going to cheat. Let me clarify that your spouse/partner is not the only one you can cheat on…WHAT? If not cheating on a spouse/partner, then cheat on who?

In my case, cheat on what…you see, last year my hubby and I started an exercise regime and we have been consistent in keeping this new routine. It has been a year where we exercise 5 days a week each time for 30 minutes. We exercised at home following different exercise programme and after 8 over months, we do feel physically stronger but not much difference in our weight.

We then invested in an XBox 360 with Kinect (game console) where it has a device which can scan and detect your body movement so you can play without needing to use a controller (depending on the game). We then started to follow Nike’s Training Program. After a short 6 weeks, I saw results! Finally! It was worth the investment.

After 3 months of following the programme, it seems like we reached a cap on how much weight we can loose. We then discovered that it takes more than exercise if we want to achieve the desired figure, we have to look after our intake!

So this year we are going to change the way we eat. We were told to spread our meals by increasing the frequency and decreasing the portion size. To make better choice by eating more healthy food. So bye-bye to fast food, junk food and comfort food?

Well, yes and no. You see 6 out of 7 days, we will watch our diet and 1 day is set aside for us to indulge in what we want to consume, we call that day “Cheat Day” and it is today.


Today is also my Father-In-Law’s birthday and we will be celebrating him with a 9 course dinner and surely a birthday cake.

So there you have it, this is my confession…I’m cheating today. Cheating on my DIET.

New Year, New Resolutions, New Investment Model


Happy New Year!

It’s another new year and we draw up new resolutions. What are your resolutions for 2015?

One of mine is to grow my money by making my money work for me. How do you do this, you may ask, I do this by investing my EXTRA cash.

Your next question might be, invest in what and where to I find these investment opportunities? I have diversified my portfolio to other investment classes particularly low risk high growth businesses which are filtered by business model experts and which has these benefits:

1. No need for hassle of bank loan approval, yet able to give 1-5% ROI per month (not per year) investing as a founding shareholder of a startup company or a project member. (some may even give you 400 times your money when it goes to IPO or buyout by other big companies).

2. Low amount of cash required to start investing (as low as RM 1000) can get you into the investment

3. Totally passive income after putting in the cash without any work on our part (this is not MLM or forex or stocks but investing in different local and foreign startup companies/projects and totally legal and no referral needed to make money)

Further to that, it is a new investment model that allows you to come up with small capital to make multiple times your principal, versus properties which requires you to come up with a large sum and wait long before seeing returns of only a fraction of your capital.

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Invest innovatively now,

Joanne Kok

What A Vacation! Final Part


Due to the exhaustion, we almost missed breakfast today (Friday – 6th day of our vacation/family conference), thank God we managed to still get the food before they start clearing and prepare for lunch. We dropped by the Family Conference and got more information on the syllabus and materials used to teach our kids. It was interested to meet these Moms and what methods they use to bring their children up. One of the participant which is a Facebook friend recognized me, had good sharing and networking with them and then off to our room. Hubby felt that we’ve gain much from the conference and since everyone is almost fully recovered, we went out and about Malacca. By night everyone went to bed fairly early and I spent some time with God reflecting on His goodness and faithfulness.

Come Saturday and this is the day when it is hubby’s turn to develop a fever. We went out to get the famous coconut shake recommended by my sister-in-law, I normally don’t drink coconut water but this taste pretty good and we are pretty excited to actually find a similar stall back in KL near our home. We stayed in the hotel for the rest of the afternoon for hubby to rest and went out again for dinner. Everyone slept early again tonight and I will be the backup driver if hubby is not fully recovered by the time we are due to go home. With everyone asleep, time for some “me” time and I spent it soaking in the bathtub, my way of de-stress and the only time I get to de-stress this way is when we stay in a hotel that has one.

Sunday, the day I’ve been waiting for…time to pack and go home…Hubby has recovered and so he drove home. At night, he told me that at one point of the journey, he was feeling tired and there was a car on the right lane which was quite close which he then felt warmth at his back and immediately he felt alert and the car on the right drove pass us. After the incident, he felt very alert until we reached home.

It was very challenging vacation and we learned a lot. We will be better prepared for our next vacation.

What A Vacation! Part 2


Day 3 went by with us taking the soiled bed sheet, blanket (which we brought from home) and clothes and went driving around looking for dobi to do our laundry. We ended up on a self serve dobi and while doing the laundry, we had lunch. The good thing about self serve dobi is you get clean laundry in under an hour. After all is done, we headed back to the hotel. With Vicky still having fever, hubby went out to “tapau” dinner and we had some time to reflect what is going on. We are thankful that we have each other and we believe that we are facing spiritual warfare due to the reason we are attending a Christian Family Conference. At bedtime, Vanny’s body’s temperature seems higher than normal and I too felt uneasy as if I am falling sick myself. I quickly took some medication and went to bed. Midnight, ohh…so cold, confirm I’m down with fever as well. Even though I was wearing my jacket, I was literally freezing. I curled myself under the blanket and prayed, after a while, I felt heat at my neck (that is how I would feel when I’ve been touched by the Holy Spirit), slowly the heat from my neck began to heat the rest of my body. I felt loved. I felt the Lord is telling me that He is here with us and everything will be alright. The conference starts tomorrow for first time parents and it was our first time attending the conference.

Morning came, the fever remained and Vanny was having fever too. Hubby caught flu and cough and slight fever too…gonna be a long day….we remained in the hotel the whole day ordering in room dining while attended the conference for just a while. Vicky slept many times, guess her body’s recovering and Val has been cranky and she slept on most evenings. While hubby had to handle some business challenges, with a body aching from the fever it felt really challenging to care for kids, sometimes having to carry both Val and Vanny at the same time due to their crankiness. Now I really want to go home, it feels like the longest week in my life.

Come to 5th day, I have recovered from my fever and kids are recovering well, thank God. Hubby is still under the weather yet holding on and is determined to stay on as planned. All this while, I’m praying that hubby will stay healthy as he will have to conduct 2 days training on social media the day after we get back to KL. Today was more bearable, we attended one of the session of the Family Conference and that was it. Our girls made some friends, though it was brief, I do think they had fun.

More to come…

What A Vacation! Part 1


We made plans for this vacation while needing to attend a Family Conference in Malacca since September, made the necessary bookings in October. It is to be a 4 days conference and we decided to come 3 days earlier and stay an additional day after the conference then head back home, in total 8 days and 7 nights. We were looking forward to enjoy the vacation so what went wrong?

On the day we arrived, Valerie developed mild fever, unprepared for this situation we had to adapt and headed over to the pharmacy to purchase the necessary medication. It is stressful when kids fall sick and more so when a child has a history of seizure, as advised by her Dr to be cautious as having high fever can cause the seizure to occur. To add on that we are away from home.

Even though we had medication, we still need to find a way to keep her body temperature down. Thank God I managed to grab some handkerchief just before we left home but we didn’t have a water bucket that could be used to store water for sponging her body. I believe the solution was given to me by the Holy Spirit which was to use the diaper wipes container. God is good.

Second day came and all was under control until around bedtime, when I noticed that Vicky, seems to be shivering under the blanket. Oh no, she is also down with fever. It’s almost midnight and hubby decided to go out to buy a thermometer so we can monitor their temperature (we have an ear thermometer back at home). And while he was away, Valerie was sleeping and while tending to Vicky she threw up the chocolate milk she drank earlier together with some dinner on the mattress and blanket which we brought from home and which she shared with Valerie. Had to start cleaning up and just thank God that Vanessa was well behaved that night that she didn’t give me much challenges.

Half way through, hubby returned and sprang into action to help clean up the mattress and blanket. We didn’t consider sending it to the hotel laundry not because we couldn’t afford it, but we didn’t know how long it will take for them to clean it up and we need them them to sleep. At first hubby used the hair dryer to try to dry the blanket and bed sheet, it seems like we are not getting anywhere using it because it would stop working when it gets too hot. It was past midnight, we are exhausted and weary, wondering how we will get past the night and then he asked if there is an iron in the room “thank God there is one”. So he ironed his way through the blanket and bed sheet and by the time we were ready to crash, it was 3.00am.

To be continued……

A Story Of A Girl Named Mindy


“Watching porn doesn’t hurt anyone” or does it…

This is what many people think about porn, they are “just watching”.  All done behind closed doors, no one knows, no one is hurt.  The porn industry is a very lucrative industry, for the people who produce it to the people who market it to the people who star in it.  Everyone is making money and the people who watch it, get the “fix” they are looking for.  How many will think about what kind of lives the porn stars live off screen?

This is one such story…a girl named Mindy written by an ex-porn producer.

One December day, a girl named Mindy arrived at my house. She’d turned 18 barely a month before our interview. I wish I could deny playing the part I played in her story. For a long time after I left the porn industry, I simply didn’t want to talk about it. (Mindy is the reason my cell phone number has never been changed. She has it memorized and to this day she’ll call when she’s at her worst and has nowhere else to turn.)

Back on that first day, I knew I had a moneymaker. I verified the age on her ID because, well, she looked really young. I’d already been in the business four years by this time, so I had a pretty good handle on the demands of the market. I knew men would go crazy over this girl.

I initially emailed samples to clients who owned websites. Every one of them either matched their largest order size, or ordered more of her than they had of any other model I’d submitted. One client who specialized in the “teen” niche – which requires a model to be over 18 but look younger – started asking if I’d be willing to partner with him on a website dedicated exclusively to Mindy. We made a proposal to her: she’d receive 25% of site revenue, I’d receive 25%, and my new business partner would keep the remaining 50%. His portion was larger because he would be responsible for all website development, hosting and promotions.

(Read the full story here: http://ftnd.org/1pC3d3B)

So you see, the victims are the porn stars.  They are being told what to do, how to “act” and to “enjoy” it.  They are being “manipulated”, such is the porn industry.  Those who enjoy watching porn are doing it at the expense of these poor souls.  Porn does things to the brain of those who watch it (that’s a story for another day) that is why people get “addicted to porn”.  Just like any other addiction, there are consequences when a person is addicted to porn.

You or someone you know can break free from this addiction.

If you or someone you love is struggling with porn and is looking for a way out, download this FREE e-book (click on the image) and change your life today.  May God bless and honor your decision to say “NO” to porn.



When the demand stop, so too will the production.