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Do you want to make a Full Time Income from Home, achieve Financial Freedom and spend more Time With Your Family and Friends while Managing a Business in your own Time and Terms?

jocoachingbannerI’m looking for self driven individuals who:

1. Is willing to invest at least 5 hours WEEKLY to start and work on this business which can be setup online and internationally.

2. Is looking for a Mentor and Willing to be mentored in the area of online and offline business strategies by me to run a business(es) with me.

3. Is ready to have an exponential belief system change and increase personal development to do new things which requires effort and determination to succeed.

4. Is ready to build a business using systems of lead generation and conversion systems that is personally used by myself.

5. Is ready to join my team of SERIAL ENTREPRENEURs to work and build this business together by leveraging each other’s strengths and resources.

6. Is ready to learn really quick and work as well as automate the systems for this project in 3 to 6 months (depending on how fast you learn and implement the strategies) to create a meaningful passive income for yourself and your family.

Who is Joanne Kok ?


Joanne Kok is a first and foremost the mother of 3 girls, namely Victoria, Valerie, and Vanessa and married to Vincent Cheng, a Dadpreneur who work from home as well. Joanne is an online business coach for ladies and mothers.

Joanne is also the Founder of Next Generation Parenting (which is a community of parents with over 13,000 members on Facebook) together with her husband. She used to manage 3 businesses online and offline, while going online trading and investment together with her husband.


Below is a screenshot of the party business called King Jays Party which Joanne manages offline and online as well.capturekingjaysparty

Below is screenshot of Joanne’s online store for Dog Lovers which she manages online which has over 17,000 fans in Facebook.capturedogporium

Joanne is also nicknamed MomSpirer – Inspiring Mother’s to be Extraordinary and has a fan page with over 1200 followers/fans in Facebook as per below screenshot.joannefanpage

Joanne also publishes video in her YouTube channel as per screenshot below.capturemomspireryoutube

I have started 5 businesses with my husband in the past 10 years.
Here is the story

The first was a online business training where it grew from 0 to 1000s students/graduates/followers in a short period of 3 years.

The second business is in the area of health grew by 150% within 3 months.

The third business was started and within 8 months grew by 20x in the area of mobile industry.

The fourth business is in the trading industry and it grew by 1000% (about 10x) over the capital which we put in to the business within 1.5 years which continues to grow automatically with passive income. It is currently being handled by our team members and partners.

The fifth business project is in the area of investment and it grew by 200% within 9 months and results to continuous passive income to our family.


Even My Kids Have Been Coached To Have Their Own Business

Apart from that, my daughters who are aged 4, 6 and 7, currently own a business online selling books and has made a Return on Investment (ROI) of about 300% over the costs of running the business within 6 months. They are being trained in money and business management using a proprietary financial system which we custom made for them.

We are currently working with multiple partners and team members (who are serial entrepreneurs like us) to continue to grow this business.

 Joanne’s Coaching Testimonial


“I would like to Thank You to Joanne, who is an inspiring and motivating coach, and friend.  She is devoted to taking the time to understand my goals and objectives, then she taught me, guided me and shared a lots of information, knowledge and skills to support me.  I am grateful for her wisdom, her honesty, her generous heart, her vision, and most of all her patience. I have learnt so much from her.”

Jenny Chan
Princess Joy Facebook Page

“She is truly committed to helping me get better to understand each step of the programme. Her explanation is clear.She make sure that i know each step before proceed to next.”

Tess Chiew

 If you are selected to be coached and mentored by us, you will gain access to a suitable and relevant project based on your profile which we will gauged through an interview with personality test/background questions. This is done so that we can assist you to maximize in your God given strengths, talents and resources and speed up your success when you team up with us.

If you are ready to join me in building a future for yourself and your family, please fill the form below to indicate your interest and I will be in contact with you.


Yes, I would like to join you and your team and start the business to create a better future for my family!

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Upon Signing Up, this is what will happen:

  1. You will be taken to thank you page that indicates that your sign up is successful.
  2. Within 24 to 48 hours, you will be contacted via Email or Whatsapp by me personally or by one of my team members.
  3. An interview with questions to know your personality profile, and understanding you better will begin, so that, my team and I, can get to know you better.
  4. Questions on your goals, values, family and life will be presented as well to understand your strengths, skills and resources, that can be contributed to the projects/business we are going to build together.
  5. Once we understand you better, and if you are found suitable for any of our projects, you will then be connected with my team members to assist, train and support you, to speed up your success in that project/business.