A Story Of A Girl Named Mindy


“Watching porn doesn’t hurt anyone” or does it…

This is what many people think about porn, they are “just watching”.  All done behind closed doors, no one knows, no one is hurt.  The porn industry is a very lucrative industry, for the people who produce it to the people who market it to the people who star in it.  Everyone is making money and the people who watch it, get the “fix” they are looking for.  How many will think about what kind of lives the porn stars live off screen?

This is one such story…a girl named Mindy written by an ex-porn producer.

One December day, a girl named Mindy arrived at my house. She’d turned 18 barely a month before our interview. I wish I could deny playing the part I played in her story. For a long time after I left the porn industry, I simply didn’t want to talk about it. (Mindy is the reason my cell phone number has never been changed. She has it memorized and to this day she’ll call when she’s at her worst and has nowhere else to turn.)

Back on that first day, I knew I had a moneymaker. I verified the age on her ID because, well, she looked really young. I’d already been in the business four years by this time, so I had a pretty good handle on the demands of the market. I knew men would go crazy over this girl.

I initially emailed samples to clients who owned websites. Every one of them either matched their largest order size, or ordered more of her than they had of any other model I’d submitted. One client who specialized in the “teen” niche – which requires a model to be over 18 but look younger – started asking if I’d be willing to partner with him on a website dedicated exclusively to Mindy. We made a proposal to her: she’d receive 25% of site revenue, I’d receive 25%, and my new business partner would keep the remaining 50%. His portion was larger because he would be responsible for all website development, hosting and promotions.

(Read the full story here: http://ftnd.org/1pC3d3B)

So you see, the victims are the porn stars.  They are being told what to do, how to “act” and to “enjoy” it.  They are being “manipulated”, such is the porn industry.  Those who enjoy watching porn are doing it at the expense of these poor souls.  Porn does things to the brain of those who watch it (that’s a story for another day) that is why people get “addicted to porn”.  Just like any other addiction, there are consequences when a person is addicted to porn.

You or someone you know can break free from this addiction.

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When the demand stop, so too will the production.