A Day In A Week Dedicated To…


Vincent (my husband) and I have set aside Wednesday as a day of fasting to draw ourselves closer to God and to slow down.  Why Wednesday you may ask, because Wednesday is mid week and we find that it’s a good day to slow down.

You see, when you are an entrepreneur who works from home, you not only have to juggle work but also the family.  So it is no surprise that it is easier for us to get stressed up and agitated when we are distracted by what is going on around the house.  Sure, we have set a time table of when we will do what kids will still come and interrupt our work to ask for stuff.  A lot of discipline and management skills come to play when you are a work from home Mom who homeschool her kids.

How we fast.  We have a bowl of oats in the morning and just water for the rest of the day until we break fast at 6pm.  We usually skip our exercise routine when we fast.    When we feel hungry, we draw ourselves closer to God by asking Him to give us strength to persevere.  We will remember that we are mere mortal and thus depend on Him to meet our needs.